Join me at 5 Under 40's Young Women's Breast Cancer Survivorship Symposium

I'm thrilled to take part in my survivor soul sister Jennifer Finkelstein's 5 Under 40 event on Saturday, November 5th. 5 Under 40 is dedicated to providing medical, wellness, and beauty services to women under the age of 40 who have tested positive for a BRCA gene mutation or have been diagnosed with breast cancer, focusing on empowering women and improving the quality of women's lives in the face of breast cancer. 

Along with a group of physicians from Cornell-Weill, I'll be leading the first-ever Young Women's Breast Cancer Survivorship Symposium. I'll also be reading from Cancer Vixen and Ann Tenna

Is your lipstick toxic?

It's the women senators who propose a bill on the Hill for safe cosmetics...

From the New York Times:

You can’t legally buy a drug in the United States that hasn’t undergone rigorous testing, mandated by Congress, to prove that it’s safe and effective. By contrast, that lipstick, shampoo, or deodorant you use every day may have undergone no such testing. Read more ⇒

Read about Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Susan Collins' safe cosmetics bill on the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics website. 

Good thing BITE Beauty uses food grade ingredients!

In-depth interview with TV icon Tony Guida

Tony Guida is one of the most respected television journalists in New York, and he really does his homework. He is well-known in the area from his work with WOR/Ch. 9, WNBC/Ch. 4, the Today Show, WCBS/Ch. 2, CNN, WCBS Radio 880 AM, and CUNY TV’s Arts in the City. His new talk show, Tony Guida's NY, illuminates the colorful corners of New York City, and the city’s denizens from all walks of life. 

It was an honor being interviewed by him because he's been in my living room for years, and he really asks the most provocative questions, as you can see... 


I'm so honored that my cartoons are and my new graphic novel ANN TENNA are featured in the windows of Bloomingdale's Flagship store on 59th Street! Talk about dream come true! Ever since Bloomingdale's opened in Short Hills, it's always been my favorite store in the world. Now that I'm a breast cancer survivor, I love Bloomingdale's even more. During the month of October, Bloomingdale's has initiated their GIVE PINK GET MORE campaign benefitting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, The Carey Foundation, and the Marisa Acocella Marchetto Foundation. Last year they raised $1.6 million dollars! 


Today is the first day of Breast Cancer Awareness. Unless you're living under a rock...and it's probably a pink-coated rock. 

What I want to focus on is the infinite inner-strength of women who have fought and help fight breast cancer and make the world a better place for all women on the planet. Every day I'm going to be nominating someone who has inspired me, and I encourage all of you vixens out there to nominate your own #VIXENS4VIXENS. 

Day 1 of 31 #VIXENS4VIXENS is my friend Elizabeth Hurley, who is beautiful inside and out, for all the work she's done in raising breast cancer awareness. 

Who are your #VIXENS4VIXENS?